American Express Gift Card Free Shipping Promo Codes

American Express Gift Card Free Shipping Promo Codes

We wrote earlier today about no-fee American Express gift cards and how they can help you meet minimum spending requirements, earn points for yourself and buy gifts for friends and family. One of the only drawbacks to the deal unfortunately, is that you still get stuck paying rather hefty shipping fees when you order the cards from the American Express website.

But after writing that post we stumbled across an update from Hustler Money Blog that includes free shipping promo codes for the gift cards, which makes the proposition a total win.

From Hustler Money Blog:

Free Shipping Waiver Codes:

Free standard shipping($5.95 savings)

You many notice there is a 2-day shipping fee of $8.95. Simply sign up for “Premium Shipping Plan” and get free next day air delivery for 90 days. There is no cost for this free trial.

Make sure to follow the directions below to cancel before they charge you.

1. Log in to Amex Account
2. Click Gift Cards at the bottom of the page
3. Then Manage your orders
4. Shipping Addresses section
5. Your Premium Shipping Plan free trial will end in xx days, Click View
6. Hit Cancel

You have nothing to lose and much to gain by using this Amex method to meeting your bonus spending requirements

Editor’s Note: We have not  tested this method here at POTM. We intend to in the coming days and will report back on the results. Until then, please use the comments below to let us know how this method worked out for you.

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