Amex Offers $25 Amazon Refund On $75 Purchase

The fine folks over at Million Miles Secrets brought our attention to a deal yesterday that blows the Small Business Saturday $10 statement credit out of the water (though we truly did enjoy the nearly free pizza we had on Saturday!)

Now through the end of the year, American Express cardmembers can earn a $25 statement credit (read: refund) just by spending $75 or more on Considering Amazon essentially sells everything, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out a way to funnel some holiday spend Amazon’s way and effectively get a third off your purchase.

American Express Amazon Statement Credit
A screen grab from the official Amex signup page. Be sure to register your card(s) AND make your purchases before Dec. 31, 2013!

To get the credit, you need to head over to the American Express website and register your card here. The deal works for any Amex card and for cards you given to authorized users. So if you’re like me and have two Amex cards, both with an authorized user added, you can score up to $100 off $300 in purchases. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to ring up different transactions for each card.

You can also buy Amazon gift cards and still get the statement credit now, which lets you lock in the savings now for purchases you make in the future.

No word on when your orders will be delivered by Amazon drones, but we’re hoping it’s not anytime¬†too¬†soon.

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